All About LEFA by Lexie Faith

  • Born from creativity, continued by nessesity.

    Hey friend, it's Lexie! The founder of LEFA Collective. This little journal company started as Lexie Faith Designs in 2016. My love of journaling fused with my love of art & I started selling hand painted journals.


    At the end of 2020 my experience with journaling switched from being a creative hobby to an essential mental health tool. I learned how to stop filtering my writing. Instead, I started to write my thoughts & feelings unapologetically.


    In 2020 after announcing my divorce to my close friends & family, my cousin showed up with a grief journal she picked up from the hospital she worked at. She told me that although her gift was intended for people to process the death of loved ones, she thought it might help me as I mourned my marriage & all the things I was trying to heal from.


    I loved this journal BUT, there were issues. So many prompts I crossed out & rewrote, functional issues that made it inconvienitent for me to write comfortably. I read so many books & started therapy. Every time I learned about a new tool I would write what I learned into the margins of my journal, or print out pages that my journal would loosely hold.


    Through my divorce & healing journey in 2021 I learned so many tools that healed my soul & gave me so much hope. I became so passionate about sharing my new found tools & saw a gap in the market for an accessible, affordable tool to help others navigate these unimaginable seasons of life.


    Every step of the way I went to my community on social media to find out what they were struggling with and how to make these products the VERY BEST! A journal that was a functional tool, but also product that would spark joy & encourage people to show up for themselves.


    I poured my heart & soul into each step of creating these products. From writing prompts & worksheets, to design, to manufacturing. I can't wait for you to dive into the magic of LEFA Collective.


  • I created LEFA Collective to share tools, create community & share the freedom of healing.

    "I used to write in my journal subconciously thinking someone else was going to read it. And that honestly made me feel really detached and untrue to myself. You taught me that my journal is MINE AND NO ONE ELSES!!!! I can write whatever I want unapologetically without feeling like it has to be a "pretty" story. Cuz let's be honest, life isn't always pretty and finding peace and comfort in my journal has allowed me to explore all of my emotions reguardless of what others would think."
    -Abby T.

  • "Sometimes only paper will listen."

    "Your journal prompts are the only self healing tool where I can actually feel myself healing and releasing every time I use the prompts. Whether it's grief, anger, fear, saddness, rejection, etc. With Lexie's approach you CAN AND WILL heal."
    -Celina J.