• Abby T.

    I used to write in my journal subconsciously thinking someone else was going to read it. It made me feel really detached and untrue to myself. Since journaling like this and putting all your tips into practive I've fully released the hold that it had on me. You taught me that my journal is MINE AND NO ONE ELSE'S!!! I can write whatever I want unapologetically without feeling like it has to be a "pretty" story. Let's be honest, life isn't always pretty and finding peace in my journal has allowed me to explore all my emotions reguardless of what others would think.

  • Emma O.

    I feel like a completely different person. Thank you so much for sharing all your help & knowlege.

  • Lynn P.

    I loved this!! I am so grateful. It has definately taken a lot of time for me to get to this point where I want to heal. This has actually kept me motivated to continue doing the little things for myself, journal and apprecate all that I am surrounded with. So thank you for putting this together, it has helped in so many ways already.

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