Losing a mother is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through. Here are four thoughtful ways to provide comfort and support to someone who has lost their mom.

4 Ways to Comfort Someone Who Has Lost a Mother

Losing a mother can leave the bereaved feeling isolated, overwhelmed and unable to find comfort. Fortunately, there are many kind and thoughtful ways that we can show support for those grieving the loss of their mom. From listening without judgement to offering practical assistance, these four tips can help you be there for someone who has lost their mother.

Offer your unconditional support and listen attentively.

Offering support and being a good listener can be incredibly comforting when someone is grieving the loss of a loved one. Let the bereaved person know that you are available and willing to talk, free of judgement. Listening attentively without interruption or offering unsolicited advice can help them feel heard and understood as they process their feelings. Taking the time to really listen to how the person is feeling can provide comfort during a difficult time.

Participate in their grief. 

Grief is an individual process and it’s important to acknowledge that fact. Try not to be dismissive of the hurt and pain they are feeling as it can be very isolating during a time of loss. Instead, acknowledging their grief and offering your support can help to create a feeling of safety and connection during a difficult time. 

Honor their mother’s memory with a meaningful gift.

Providing something that can help them remember their mother may offer a comforting reminder of her presence, even when she’s no longer here. It could be a photo frame with a favorite photograph of the two of them together. A grief journal where they can write about their feelings and feel connected to their mom as they grieve. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s meaningful, authentic and functional. Something they can use to heal and remember their mom by.

Encourage them to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Self-care can help someone cope with loss. Encourage them to make time for activities that bring them joy and comfort. Suggest things like taking a walk outdoors, reading a book, writing in a journal, or participating in a mindfulness activity. Connecting to the spiritual realm through prayer, yoga, or meditation can also be soothing in times of grief. Help them find healthy ways to move forward while honoring their mother’s memory every step they take.

Recognize their individual obstacles and offer tangible assistance as appropriate. 

We all grieve differently, and the bereaved may struggle with certain day-to-day tasks. Offer help by doing practical things like grocery shopping, taking care of small errands, or finding someone to perform daily chores. You can also assist with memorial plans and provide information about bereavement support services in your area. Being available after their mother’s funeral is just as important––be sure to check in regularly, drop by small gifts and offer assistance for any pending matters.

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