3 Ways to Reclaim Life After Divorce

3 Ways to Reclaim Life After Divorce

Are you starting over this year? Reclaiming life after divorce and starting over is a transformative journey that requires resilience, self-discovery, and a positive mindset. Embracing this new chapter allows individuals to rediscover their passions, rebuild their self-esteem, and forge a path towards personal growth. Navigating through the challenges of divorce, one can focus on self-care, surround themselves with a supportive network, and set empowering goals. As the healing process unfolds, individuals have the opportunity to redefine their identity, cultivate newfound strengths, and create a life filled with fulfillment and joy. Whether it's pursuing new interests, developing a strong support system, or embracing newfound independence, the journey of reclaiming life after divorce becomes a story of resilience, empowerment, and the pursuit of a brighter future.

After my divorce in 2020, I chose to "start over" in many ways. I changed a lot of micro habits in my life but also chose big changes like moving away & making my inner circle more private. This season of starting over was really hard. I look back & remember feeling so lonely. It was hard to get through a lot of the days while I figured out my new groove. Although this season was hard, it was also beautiful. I was able to create a new, beautiful, fun life for myself.

I want to share 3 tips that helped me figure out my new footing as I was starting over.

1. Pick non-negotiable habits that can help you know what to expect when the rest of your life is out of control.These can be things you do right as you wake up every morning, or habits you have to do before you go to bed. For me I have morning non-negotiables that are scrape my tongue, brush my teeth, put on a workout outfit & drink water. When I do these things first thing in the morning, my day always has a smoother flow. I always get more done & feel better!

2. Release your feelings. A way to process your experience & validate how hard starting over is. Sometimes an outside source is best that is removed from the situation. Someone like a therapist or a life coach. If you want to keep to yourself for a while, or can’t afford hiring a professional, a grief journal like “Growing Through Grief” is an easy, accessible way to start this practice for only $25. That’s less than a therapy co-pay.

3. Plan activities you can look forward to! Getting through the day can feel really hard when you’re in the middle a life transition, or starting over all together. Having a fun weekend, or little trip planned that you can look forward to can help you get through the hard days. Even just getting out of the house to work at a coffee shop or looking forward to your gym workout. 

Going through this process is all about rediscovering who you are, building up your confidence, and having a positive outlook. I believe that by taking care of yourself, surrounding yourself with supportive people, and setting empowering goals, you can navigate through the challenges and come out even stronger. As you go through the healing process, you have the chance to redefine your identity, find new strengths, and create a life that's full of joy and fulfillment. Whether it's trying out new interests, building a support system, or embracing your newfound independence, this journey is about resilience, empowerment, and creating a future that's bright and fulfilling.

You got this!! You're doing great sweetie!

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